Long Story Short

Dan Byron

4 Tracks

Scris, produs, cântat și programat de Dan Byron
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Înregistrat acasă în septembrie-octombrie 2020
Mixat de Dan Byron
Masterizat de Dan Georgescu la Unda Recording, București

Viscolul arctic de pe Memorial of indifference e înregistrat de stormpetrel în Antarctica
Fotografia de pe copertă de Bence Boros


Home sweet home

Home sweet home,
Dreadful buildings patchily painted to show
The cheerfulness we fake, the two-faced affection,
The thousand hands we shake without making a single connection…

We hide inside
The belly of a concrete beast and dream of the sky,
We stumble in the dark and swear we belong
Although in our hearts we know everything is entirely wrong.

There is no place like home sweet home,
The place where I was born, sweet home
Nothing compares to my home sweet home…

Home sweet home,
The past crawls in our veins, still living on,
It stabs us in the back, it feeds from our chest,
Waving our flags, making us angry and depressed.

The dead walk ahead,
Their customs are laws, their madness hangs round our necks,
We struggle to survive them anxiously enough,
We run for our lives suffocated by their love.


Playing strangers

You and me, my ancestral brother,
We have to make things right somehow,
You and I, there’s no one else around, so
We have to make it together right now.

We’ve been fooled we’ve got different roots, so
We can’t grow in the same land.
I don’t wanna build any more stupid fences and walls,
Why don’t we make bridges instead, my friend?

We’ll end up running away from each other,
We already deny who we are, we’d rather play strangers,
Pretending we’re far too different to meet again.
We’re hiding behind political correctness,
Mimicking candor and fairness,
Clumsy lies that nobody actually honestly believes…

Once upon a time humankind was a single tribe
That left home together to conquer the world.
Here we are now, we made it this far only to
Kill each other on the dance floor…


Little prince

He was sittin’ down on the ground,
Tangled legs, eyes closed, a little smile,
Apparently nothing was wrong, but
There was a war inside…

For seven days and nights
The shadows circled under the tree,
Hearts were hanging upside down while
He opened his eyes, looking at me.

“Everything is changing all the time
While we hope to rely on a straight line,
This river is moving restlessly,
We all float on its humped back toward the sea.”

The little prince kept wisdom
Closed in his fist, wondering what if
He didn’t pass it further?
One has no time these days for pain relief…

My abiding self began to melt into the whole.


Memorial of indifference

Didn’t care about the warfare till our homes were gone for good
And our friends were dead or wounded, hiding frightened in the woods…
Didn’t care about the weather till we saw sun’s scorching shine
And the air we took for granted became that thing we couldn’t buy…

We didn’t care…

Didn’t care about the history and we made the same mistakes
We were supposed to learn from – we only care when it’s too late.

We didn’t care…

And now we fade away, dressed in fear,
Our last hope smiles and disappears.
We failed, it’s hard to concede,
We wanted it all and we forgot what we really need.
This is not a drill, the end is here ,
Our final goal, the last frontier.
Time let us go, too afraid to keep on,
Let’s say good-bye, there’ll be no other dawn.

“People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?”
(Greta Thunberg at the U.N. Climate Action Summit, New York, 2019)

Didn’t care about the future and now we’re just a frozen past,
The big memorial of indifference, just another species that didn’t last…